An Exceptional Half Century ?

An Exceptional Half Century ?

Europe, 1950-2000. Suddenly we all started buying Opel Kadett’s and yoghurt ! packaged together with cereals and a marmelade…

more to come, this being a teaser (and an auto-reminder)….


Turkey, EU, Turkey and the EU.

Turkey, EU, Turkey and the EU.
For centuries (before the advent of the aeroplane) you to came to Europe, either by boat, or thru Russia, or thru Turkey crossing the Bosphorus (700 metres at it’s narrowest point) with a little boattie . If you left Europe the same applied of course. This being a bit of a laboured introduction to the fact that Turkey and Europe are neighbours. And have been for a long time (duh ?!).

more to come, this being a teaser (and an self-incentor) …

The Greeks and the kill (10 reasons).

The Greeks and the kill (10 reasons)

(I just reread one of my 3 interesting uni-books. Eli Sagan’s ‘The Greeks and the lust to annihilate.’.
More to follow shortly… :-)
This being a teaser.
Or maybe I should change the blog title to something like ’10 reasons the Greeks loved to kill’.)

greek soldier

greek soldier (ready to kill of course, or be killed)