Lubuntu, installing xampp + eclipse

Why Lubuntu ? Ubuntu, especially the Unity taskbar on the left, I  just could not get used to. Also, I installed Lubuntu on my mother’s laptop (which, regretfully, is a very bad, and old, Packard Bell(???)) so this would give me the chance to learn a bit more about it.

Lubuntu is a lighter version of Ubuntu. But it still has the same kernel and program base as (Debian-based) Ubuntu. It is an official member of the Ubuntu family and you can use the GDebiPacketInstaller and SynapticPacketManager. See Lubuntu homepage for an introduction. And Lubuntu_Finally_a_Lightweight_Ubuntu_ about mem-usage etc.

Starting point: Lubuntu 11.10

  • Installed Chrome via GDebiPacket Installer(as Chromium couldn’t play my tune-in radiostations nor YouTube). Installed screen-snapper program Shutter via Synaptic Packet Manager. Installed Thunderbird, FileZilla via Synaptic.
  • Installing Xampp with this great walk-through by Arduino.
    And there you have it. Apache up-and-running within 5 mins !

    After this , I followed Arduino’s advice about setting permissions and installing a nice xampp-control-panel-gui, see here .
  • Right, so that went well. Now for installing Eclipse. We’ll just try typing in ‘Eclipse’ in Synaptic Package Manager.
  • Found! We’ll select the “eclipse platform”.
  • Ok, that went well, we now have Eclipse without any plug-ins. I need the Javascript and PHP IDE.
  • We’ll try and get the Javascript first.
    -# Help -# Install New Software -# Available Software Sites (checked all 3 sites) -# (typed in ‘javascript’, in the bottom-right you’ll see he’s getting results, takes a while…)Found !
    Installing it into Eclipse went without probs.
  • Let’s do the same routine for PHP. The search comes up with 3 items, but they are all the same so weĺl just check the first one.

    Installing it into Eclipse, no probs.
  • So all the downloading, installling went without hiccups. Tomorrow we’ll set the environment and see if all works for some programming.
  • The morning after. Some small, itsy bitsy, tiny, little probs so:
    Might be you have probs after set up, reboot with permissions. Here is some additional reading:
    devshed: This one should probably suffice. Treats editing the httpd.conf file, and the file of phpMyAdmin
    gihan: Also treats editing the httpd.conf file
    arduino: Setting up groups, maybe not necessary.
    fresh-tutorial: With a hacklike [sudo chmod 777 -R /opt/lampp/htdocs/]
  • After solving the lll probs above, we got it all rolling. I copied a project I was working on from my windows partition (amazingly it is visible under root/media (after a ‘mount’)) to the htdocs directory, set up a new project in Eclipse and all worked as should.   Marvelous !
  • Thank you linux and xampp people ! Kudos to you !

Some notes:
– After installing Lubuntu I did not install all the updates (about 180) that the Update Manager suggested. Up to now I have not found any adverse effects of that.
– All screen-shots from a program called ‘Shutter’. The edit and crop functions are especially handy.
– Lubuntu’s default file-manager (nice) can not show file attributes/ownership. Installed Gnome-Commander for that.
– Screenshot with Xampp, Eclipse, Task manager: