What is knowledge / ¿ Qué es sabiduria ?

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What is knowledge / ¿ Qué es sabiduria ?

  1. It is silence. / Es silencio.
  2. Then it is listening. / Luego es escuchar.
  3. Then it is memorizing. / Luego es memorizarlo.
  4. Then it is practice accordingly. / Luego es practicarlo así.
  5. Then it to propagate what one has learned. / Luego es propagar lo que has aprendido.

Please note the first three. And the last two. / Por favor nota las primeras tres. Y las ultimás dos.
Also note the first and the second. And the fourth.  / También tomase nota del primero y el secundo. Y el cuarto.
Please especially note the first. / Por favor notase especialemante el primero.

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From the very nice site http://www.suficomics.com/sufi-comics.

“Discover Nuggets of Spiritual Wisdom from Islamic Traditions.”
Let’s start with comics, so as not to be too serious in the beginning …

IN BANGALORE (BENGALURU), INDIA !!! , been there, lived there !!!! )

( The site can be viewed in Spanish, and Russian , and Dutch and… / El sitio web se puede ver en castellano, y russo, y holandés y …  )

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PS: Nagachampa incense also from Bangalore / Nagachampa incenso también de Bengaluru





interesting !
and good literature.



“Why cleavest thou to this mere name of tree,
So that thou art utterly balked and disappointed ?
Pass over names and look to qualities,
So that qualities may lead thee to essence”

(Teachings of Rumi, translated and abridged by E.H. Winfield, 1887. Book II, story 17; The Tree of Life)

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī, Mevlânâ/Mawlānā, Mevlevî/Mawlawī, and more popularly simply as Rumi, was a 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic. Wikipedia

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Ruta de musica (y baille) / Spoor van de muziek (en dans). Tony Gaitlif 1993.

Culturas, música y danza, en un segmento del mundo.
Rajastán, Egipto, Turquía, Rumanía, Hungría, Eslovaquia, Francia, España.

Sí quieres ver una pelicula non-americana este finde.
/ If you’d like to see a non-american movie this weekend.
/ Voor als u een non-amerikaanse film wilt zien dit weekend.

Tony Gatlif - Latcho Drom (Argelia 1993)

Tony Gatlif – Latcho Drom (Argelia 1993)

Este señor ha hecho otras buenas peliculas, los demás se puede encontrar en YouTube. (Tony Gaitlif on IMDB)

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81. Tao for the weekend.

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81. Tao for the weekend.

The subtitles (click ‘CC’) are not exactly correct.
The idea remains the same.

All 81 little chapters.

mr. laotze on his ox, with a friend

mr. laotze on his ox, with a friend

Bonus ! Some images for the weekend !
If you tire of the music you can always old fashionedly read it. Just search Google for ‘Tao Teh Ching online’. Or hey, maybe buy a ‘book’.

Tao para el fin de semana.

Los subtítulos no son exactamente correcto.
La idea sigue siendo la misma.

Todos los 81 capítulos pequeños.

Mooie complete vertaling in nederlands vam de 81 kleine hoofdstukjes: http://www.tekensvanleven.nl/

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In 2017. Wilt u meer of minder…

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eng: see below

In 2017. Wilt u meer of minder…

In 2017.
Wilt u meer of minder ego ?

A man asked Lord Budhha
“I want happiness.”
Lord Budhha said
First remove “I”, that’s ego.
Then remove “Want”, that’s desire.
See, now you are left with only

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En 2017.
¿ Quire usted más o menos ego ?

In 2017.
Would you like more or less ego ?

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Goed smoesje om Amsterdam te bezoeken !

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Goed smoesje om Amsterdam te bezoeken !

Ik was zo dom om de tentoonstelling in Leiden aan mijn neus voorbij te laten gaan. Wegens druk, druk, druk natuurlijk. Neus ? Maar nu hoorde ik toevallig dat de tentoonstelling over Boedhha ook in het mooie Amsterdamse TropenMuseum te zien is.

Gaat daar heen, geniet van de Boedhha, en neem wat tulpen uit Amsterdamse mee !

De Boedhha. Van 23 september 2016 t/m 29 januari 2017. TropenMuseum Amsterdam



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Buena excusa para visitar a Amsterdam

He sido un poco tonto dejarme escapar la exposición de Boedhha en Leiden. Por ser ocupado, ocupado, ocupado claro. Pero por casualidad he oido que la exposición ahora está en la bellísima TropenMuseum de Amsterdam.

Visitela, disfruta del señor Budhha y llevate algunos tulipanes de Amsterdam !

El Budhha. Del 23 de septiembre 2016 al 29 de enero 2017. TropenMuseum Amsterdam

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Two sweet friends.

Two sweet friends [1].

There are two birds, two sweet friends, who dwell on the self-same tree. The one eats the fruits thereof, and the other looks on in silence.

That’s it. Do you see the image ? With your mind’s eye. Two birds in a tree. On a warm day. One is eating a fruit. The other is just looking on. On a warm day. In a tree. Two birds. Gentle wind.

Then the author continues. Hold your image. Or maybe forget the following. Do not think of the purple elephant.

The first is the human soul who, resting on that tree, though active, feels sad in his unwisdom. But on beholding the power and the glory of the higher Spirit, he becomes free from sorrow.

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[1] From the Svetasvatara Upanishad, part 4, in the Penguin Classics edition ‘The Upanishads’, 1965, translation by Juan Mascaró (de Mallorca).

The exact same copla also occurs as the very first lines of the Mundaka Upanishad.

See also this nice article for an interpretation of the text. 

boekwinkeltjes.nl still has a copy for sale.