Killer app; the Gita. Krishna and Arjuna.

Killer app; the Gita. Krishna and Arjuna.

Very happy (Indian style) and joyous exposition of nearly all Indian life, mind, and philosophy through a, one, explanation of the 700 verses (shlokas), takes u one afternoon to read, of the Bhagavad Gita.

Looking for the ‘killer app for contentment’ ?
As she explains it, some of it will surely apply to you too !

Bhagavad Gita (wikipedia)

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Dûh, addiction / attachment / entanglement.

Dûh, addiction / attachment / entanglement.

Just a quick link, about addiction etc. Be it to cigarettes, coffee, both, or other things. From an indian viewpoint. the-best-kept-secret-to-getting-what-you-want

(Must admit I haven’t fully read it, yet. Druk x3)



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What is knowledge / ¿ Qué es sabiduria ?

( esp: vease al derecho :-). El sitio web mencionado se puede ver en castellano también. )

What is knowledge / ¿ Qué es sabiduria ?

  1. It is silence. / Es silencio.
  2. Then it is listening. / Luego es escuchar.
  3. Then it is memorizing. / Luego es memorizarlo.
  4. Then it is practice accordingly. / Luego es practicarlo así.
  5. Then it to propagate what one has learned. / Luego es propagar lo que has aprendido.

Please note the first three. And the last two. / Por favor nota las primeras tres. Y las ultimás dos.
Also note the first and the second. And the fourth.  / También tomase nota del primero y el secundo. Y el cuarto.
Please especially note the first. / Por favor notase especialemante el primero.

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From the very nice site

“Discover Nuggets of Spiritual Wisdom from Islamic Traditions.”
Let’s start with comics, so as not to be too serious in the beginning …

IN BANGALORE (BENGALURU), INDIA !!! , been there, lived there !!!! )

( The site can be viewed in Spanish, and Russian , and Dutch and… / El sitio web se puede ver en castellano, y russo, y holandés y …  )

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PS: Nagachampa incense also from Bangalore / Nagachampa incenso también de Bengaluru


Trump / Trump / Trump

Es presidente :-)
Va bién con el Occidente.

Que no son el 1%
O peór

Is president ;-)
Gaat goed met het Westen.

Dat het niet de 1% zal zijn.
Of erger.

Is president
Going well with the West ;-)

That it wont be the 1%
Or worse

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From the quite excellent, online, honk kong based (and owned by Ali Baba’s Mr Jack Ma) news source SCMP (South China Morning Post, mobile version bit strange) . Maybe as good as The Guardian,  or the FAZ. . Let’s also mention the Asia Times.

Do we want to be informed ? Or do we only want to hear what we want to hear all the time ?
Is the world still flat ? Or has it become round again ?

This the SCMP article and parodies on Mr Trump’s “America First” speech. Mind you that was the presidential inauguration speech ! Also has “America first XXX second” from India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China, The Philines, France, Germany. And Nl of course.

India second, or 1.5 because they being very adaptable

Dear Mr. President. This video is brought to you from India .

Dear Mr. President. This video is brought to you from India .

Y este por España , ó este ?!.

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Ruta de musica (y baille) / Spoor van de muziek (en dans). Tony Gaitlif 1993.

Culturas, música y danza, en un segmento del mundo.
Rajastán, Egipto, Turquía, Rumanía, Hungría, Eslovaquia, Francia, España.

Sí quieres ver una pelicula non-americana este finde.
/ If you’d like to see a non-american movie this weekend.
/ Voor als u een non-amerikaanse film wilt zien dit weekend.

Tony Gatlif - Latcho Drom (Argelia 1993)

Tony Gatlif – Latcho Drom (Argelia 1993)

Este señor ha hecho otras buenas peliculas, los demás se puede encontrar en YouTube. (Tony Gaitlif on IMDB)

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In 2017. Wilt u meer of minder…

esp: vease abajo
eng: see below

In 2017. Wilt u meer of minder…

In 2017.
Wilt u meer of minder ego ?

A man asked Lord Budhha
“I want happiness.”
Lord Budhha said
First remove “I”, that’s ego.
Then remove “Want”, that’s desire.
See, now you are left with only

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En 2017.
¿ Quire usted más o menos ego ?

In 2017.
Would you like more or less ego ?

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