Civilize (yourself,your Self), some nice links

Civilize (yourself,your Self), some nice links

Some nice (bbc documentaries) links about civilizations, for before bedtime, now that the dark days are coming. Or if you have given yourself a beautiful but a little guilt-ridden procrastination day :-)

China: The Mandate of Heaven
India: The Empire of the Spirit (crazy injuns; ‘I am therefore I do not think’ etc)
The Barbarian West (some refreshing stuff here)

And did you know that Samos, Greece, where the birth of Western science with Pythagoras took place, is just a few miles away from Asia [*] ? You can cross it in a little flotty boattie, if you don’t crowd too many on it that is, otherwise might get bit tricky. Mentioned in the episode ‘The Barbarian West’, around minute 6.

probably tamil-nadu

still from ‘India: The Empire of the Spirit’ probably tamil-nadu, southern india

[*] Update!
Less even ! Distance Samos to Asia Minor is about 1600 metres ! See strait-of-samos, with nice pictures.

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