2-1-2.  Check this out.

2-1-2. Check this out.

Epaǹa glorioso !
Con su flamenco.
El sol , la sal, el son.

(Glorious Epain !
With her flamenco.
The sun, the salt, the sound.)

Check out the youtube video: El sol, la sal, el son. Flamenco. Patrimonio del alma. (see minuto 02:54 for the title)

With an absolutely, amazingly wonderful baille flamenco (flamenco dance) by the great Pastora Galván (ca. minuto 1:04:08, with introduction !)  What an interpretation !
Here you can see the Himalayas in a pinkie of rubble dust, the Alhambra in a little stone by the wayside. The thing before the thing, the thing behind the thing, the thing after the thing, the giant oak in the little seed.

( Introduction so nice we’ll just write it down.
Se ha dicho que en su baille está todo. Una plaza de toros. Un diá de sangre. La muerte de Dominguín. La Giralda. El patio de un presidio. Un diá de riña. Y sobre todo La Triana pura de los viejos gitanos, que crean arte.
Señores y señoras un respeto: Pastora Galván.)



With a beautiful little poem about the towns of Andalucia, birthplace and homeground of the flamenco. Accompanied by the powerful, sweet singing of three young girls. (ca. minuto 16:45)

Cadíz, salada claridad.
Granada, agua occulta que llora.
Romana y mora, Cordóba callada.
Málaga, cantahora.
Almería, dorada.
Plateado Jaén.
Huelva, la orilla de las tres caravellas.

Y Sevilla.

(Cadíz, salty clarity.
Granada, secretive, crying, water.
Silent Cordóba, Roman and Moorish.
Singing Málaga.
Golden Almería.
Silver Jaén.
Huélva, riverbank for the three caravellas [1]

And Sevilla.)

And ‘2-1-2. Check this out’. Some flamenco-rap ! (see ca. minuto 1:14:09)
Siempre interesante, epañoles que hablan íngels ! (Always interesting, spanish people speaking english; “I don’t know nuuuthing” like the inimicable Manuel of Fawlty Towers)

And a poetic translation of flamenco lyrics to catalan. Esto es posible ?   Is that possible ? See the answer. (see ca. minuto 48:12)

And, it seems garcia lorca is to have said, muy coplamente: “xxx” (hear ca minuto xxx)
( Cannot find it now, something like “flameco makes the waters cry”. If you can find the minute please let me know. Gracias. )

And the recording contains mucho más cosas interessante. Y divertido. (and there’s much more interesting, and funny stuff to be found).  2-1-2 Check this out !

Please also note the stage background. And WuWei with his little rural chairs work.

— // — // —
[1] For caravellas see here


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