Indian. Three stages of love.

Indian. Three stages of love.

They have been thinking and studying a long time in India about certain things.
Three stages of love.

(Literal quote from ;The Enquirer ~ by Vraja Kishor dās. Best not to add, remove anything. Did add the dotted underline though. And maybe the ‘selfish lust’ part seems a bit harsh.)

Love develops in three stages. We begin in a condition saturated by the antithesis of love: selfish lust. In this state we must make effort to cultivate pure, selfless love. The term for this stage is sādhana-bhakti. As these practices become deeper and more sincere we will more and more deeply experience the two hallmarks of sādhana-bhakti: eradication of distress (kleśa-ghnī), and acquisition of auspicious traits (śubha-dā).

The two cool hallmarks (eradication of distress, cool !!! and acquisition of auspicious traits , cool !!!) come from “cultivating pure, selfless love”.
So there is a relation between them. Interesting thought.
May be a bit difficult. But great carrots !
I am adding ! Stop.

— / —

Googley:krishna gopis folk art. Some nice pictures there.

and one more !

ok, the last one, really. they’re so bellísima !


b = a() ,
c = a()
) =>
-b (not => ) b- ,
+c (not => ) c+
duh ?

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