Lucky PIGS.

Lucky PIGS.

How lucky are Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain ! They will be the first to think out, work out, an alternative to working ever harder and harder, to being ever more and more efficient, to hysterically rooting out each and every iota of cost, at all costs. To dismantle ever hollower phrases as ‘taking your responsability’, ‘transparency’, and  ‘to serve you better’. To discover why and how we humans live together. To appreciate all of life’s phases. To rediscover the meaning of what government should be. To distinguish between quantity and quality. To favour a whole above a specialization.

While we in the North are ever-advancing on an extremist path which we blindly follow towards ever mounting piles of wealth and possessions (and let us also add -debts-). Some 2-300 years already. While we are unable to see multiple solutions. And so have lost the ability to choose, and so do harm to our bodies and minds. While we are trapped in a singular tunnel which we fathom but cannot grasp.

The mediterranean has given us the Greeks, the Romans, ‘La convivencia’ in Spain, the Renaissance (and the Furia Roja*). Maybe it is getting set to show us something again.

Long live the mediterranean light ! Long live the mediterranean alegriá **!
While we in the north suffer from more and more alergiá.***


ps: pleasant surprises may also come from other parts of the mediterranean.
– — –

* Furia Roja: the national spanish football team. See my blog “Eulogiá, el mejor equipo jamás. Arbeloa el magicó.” about them.
** spanish for ‘joy’.
*** vrij naar w.j. te a.
– ‘La convivencia’. Period of relatively peaceful coexistence between Moors, Christians and Jews in Spain. When we also kinda safeguarded Greek thought, enabling the Renaissance later on. Ca. 800-1500. See here (wikipedia)

Catas de aceite, Jaén

Catas de aceite, Jaén

ajo negro, bilbao

Ajo negro, Bilbao

2 thoughts on “Lucky PIGS.

  1. not East or West but North and South…..

    Ahora vivimos en la calle “fiesta”, celebramos la vida, cada d�a, no hay otra opci�n?! O qu�???.

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