meanwhile / mientras tanto

– some music, “lover don’t go” by nick lowe:–fVc0Uuxno&feature=BFa&list=AL94UKMTqg-9CiqhHmjgghpIx8pcMiLobD. And this beautiful you make me.

– We had elections, Rutte having probs, upper middle classes (and higher) managed to turn everything back. As the tao would say “lots of arms waving about”. Seems to be an effective strategy. We, the country that gave you ‘Big brother’ and (warning this is totally silly and may damage your mental health) ‘Duiken met sterren’ ,  start the century with 4 x Balkenende en 2 x Rutte. Reasons to be cheerful ! Then again we do have ‘koopkrachtplaatjes’.

– pvv out of the picture finally

– epaña won the eurocup, best football team i ever saw ! Pictures will follow !

– and some more music: 3 great songwriters together:

Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, NIck Lowe, Jim Keltner – Fool Who Knows

Only missing an equally great one: tony joe white !


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