linux distros

Had my first scrap with Linux. And it was great !

If you have a cd-burner , and who doesn’t nowadays, burn them live-cd’s and go for a ride. No need to install nada, just put in the live-cd and reboot your pc.

Afterwards your heavy, expensive, slow, nag-nag Windows is still there, untouched !

By the way all of them connected to internet no problem.
Live-usb didn’t work that well , only ubuntu had no probs here.

I tried: a) puppy (the best but not so beautiful), b) lubuntu (i’ll probably settle on this one), c) ubuntu, d) slitaz, e) bodhi. All this in 10 hours !

Don’t throw away your old pc, you’ll be amazed !

A link, enjoy the old font !   linux brief history , linux (wikepedia)

A live CD, live DVD, or live disc is a CD or DVD containing a bootable computer operating system, it leaves your windows intact.
Read some more about live-cd’s here


5 thoughts on “linux distros

  1. I love live cds and dvd’s they are so useful and can give you access to a pc when the original os is messed up

  2. leuk mike…..denk ik. it makes me feel stupid, want ik begrijp jou snelle taal niet erg goed. en jij zegt altijd keep it simple stupid…

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