*** jq::autogenerate toc

Would be nice if user could automatically generate a clickable TOC.Here some tools.

*** jq::which html-editor to use ?

I spent hours trying to get MarkItUp to work correctly. Especially retrieving content thru jq and hacking the ‘preview’ pane (by using a [div]). Documentation is sparse. With hindsight i should have used TinyMCE. Lightweight, extensive documentation, reliable (WordPress uses it). This is how I lose hours (or gain experience).

*** jq::serializing form results

1) json type (only elvalue, not elname?!):

2) string type elavlue+elname:

Note: In order to work properly serialize requires that form fields have a name attribute. Having only an id will not work. Note the name attribute in this field:

result like:single=Single&multiple=Multiple2&check=check1&check=check2


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