2 hrs later /<

2 hrs later, no coded just surftrapped !

* ajax file-upload(stay on page) : http://www.webtoolkit.info/ajax-file-upload.html

* round buttons: http://www.webtoolkit.info/css-rounded-buttons-links.html

–same site–

* drag-drop tree: http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/drag_drop_tree.html

* fish-eye: http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/fisheye.html, see also: http://icon.cat/wiki/IconDock_En#iconDock_jQuery_Plugin

* resizable textbox: http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/resize_textarea.html

* custom scrollbar: http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/scrollbar.html

* d+d sort: http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/sort_lists.html

* eased popup: http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/windows.html#

(from http://www.noupe.com/ajax/37-more-shocking-jquery-plugins.html)

* 3cols -splitter: http://methvin.com/jquery/splitter/3csplitter.html

* rounded buttons: http://www.malsup.com/jquery/corner/

* text-pager: http://rikrikrik.com/jquery/pager/

* mpg player : http://www.sean-o.com/jquery/jmp3/

* flexigrid! : http://groups.google.com/group/flexigrid/

* inplace editor: http://code.google.com/p/jquery-in-place-editor/

(from http://www.noupe.com/php/20-useful-php-jquery-tutorials.html)

a lot on jquery, ajax and db (some with json)

* treeview: http://demo.lateralcode.com/directory-tree/

* panel, cool+effects: http://www.ndoherty.com/demos/coda-slider/1.1.1/#2

* tgrid: http://www.reconstrukt.com/ingrid/src/example1.html (flexi better?!)

* inplace editor (tiny and effective): http://code.google.com/p/jwysiwyg/

* text collapsor: http://blog.jeremymartin.name/2008/02/jtruncate-in-action.html (use with one line ?!)

* modalbox: http://famspam.com/facebox

(from http://www.ajaxline.com/best-jquery-plugins-june-2009 , see this http://www.open-open.com/ajax/2_jQuery.htm for samples)

* edit-in-place: http://plugins.jquery.com/project/edit_in_place


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